Product ID: TO-M-CQR-TS-0002-Z

Dimension: 50 × 55 × 53 cm

Customisable to fit any space, the Cobra collection’s authentic styling is a fusion between the contours of the Bell AH-1 Cobra Advanced attack helicopter and the versatility of military surplus storage units. The curves and overall shapes of the collection were inspired by the AH-1, the first attack helicopter to have a narrow fuselage and long canopy similar to a fighter jet to minimise drag and increase speeds, giving the Cobra collection its aerodynamic looks. The ability to stack and lock together, as well as other details such as the handles, was inspired by military surplus containers. These military containers needed to be heavy-duty to protect their cargo, and adaptable to different spaces for transport. The Cobra collection mimics this by being able to stack together and create endless combinations to suit any and every space.

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