100% Upon approval of quotation
Payment is not refundable after confirmation
Products are non- returnable nor exchangeable
Price valid only 30 days from the quotation date. INDECA Living hold the right to change price anytime without prior notice.
Leadtime 90-120 days under normal circumstances.
The price includes Product assembly and transportation only in Bangkok, Thailand (Additional charge will be apply depend on distance and location)
INDECA Living are not responsible to install and supporting system and hanging ALL Lighting and Wall decorative. Additional installation fee will be apply if customers wish to have Indeca Living install and build supporting system.
Storage Fee will be apply after 1 months from the product arrival date or the mutual agreed date. The Fee is THB 1050 per CBM / month
The Customer must ensure that installation can be completed without any interruption on the mutually agreed date.
In the case that products cannot be install due to all circumstances e.g., Elevator not available, narrow Door and small walkway *The Company reserves the right to charge the Customer extra for the cost incurred to the Company under any disruption, including travel costs and all related expenses.


The warranty period is 1 year (365 days) after product delivery, and home accessories are warrantied for a period of 6 months
Only for products that are damaged from normal use, no modifications and defects caused by the manufacturing process or the product assembly by the company’s staff only.
The warranty includes all kinds of spare parts and fittings.
Do not warranty in case of Wood: Cracked, chipped, bumped, slipped, damaged from water exposure.
Do not warranty in case of Metal: Scratches, dents, tearing of all metal or steel parts are not guaranteed.
Do not warranty in case of paint: peeling, peeling paint caused by scraping or bumping.
If any defects or defects are found on the date of delivery, customer must inform company to replace the product.
If damages occur after the product delivery, the warranty only cover for damage that is within the warranty. There will only be replacement in part or defective parts in that part
Warranty above do not apply to clearance sale purchases, ex-display goods or specific cases where faults have been clearly identified to the Customer before purchase or the goods have been sold as seen. In each case the Company will clearly state that the limited guarantees do not apply prior to purchase.


Payment is not refundable under any circumstances; Products are non- returnable nor exchangeable.


We highly recommend customers check the items at the time of delivery to verify all your products and ensure there are no defects. Products must be claimed within 7 days after delivery, in the case that customer wishes to claim for replacement.


Indeca Living has the right to cancel or ask for return without prior notice for any free of charge item in the case that customer cancels the order. Any item that is Free of Charge will have no warranty.

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