If there’s one space in our homes that has flourished during the pandemic it’s the home bar. But what’s the secret to a successful home bar design?  It starts with beautiful, authentic materials. Pictured above in our New York flagship gallery, our Classic Crystal Bar mixes Italian moonstone marble with classic leather Angeles barstools and just the right amount of glow from overhead Night Rod pendants. Grab a cocktail and get ready for some super-stylish home bar inspiration…



Begin with Beautiful Materials

For enduring, timeless style, choose authentic materials like marble, brass, glass, and leather. If you’re going for a classic club-style feel then you can’t beat a bar cabinet in rich, warm, tactile leather for that vintage speakeasy vibe.


Evoke a Sense of Personality

A great home bar design should tell a story and evoke a sense of personality yet also be functional and organised. Because they’re generally small in size, home bars are the ideal space to go all out with colour and pattern, so dare to be fun, different, and vibrant!

Add Drama with Mirrors

In smaller spaces, alcoves are the perfect space to add a built-in home bar – add vintage smoked or champagne mirrors on the wall above to visually expand the space and create drama. Or if you have a free standing bar cabinet, add an infinity mirror above for the same effect – they’re always a great conversation starter when you’re entertaining.


Blend Style with Function 

A well-designed bar should have the necessary shelving, storage, and drinkware to be practical, but use beautiful materials and detailing to distract the eye away from the more functional aspects. The woven leather in our bespoke Marshal Bar at our Bluebird flagship in London is reminiscent of military styling while the wall of vintage cricket bats tells a story. Your design should energise your guests with thoughts of the fun evening to come.


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